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The premiere recreational cannabis dispensary of New Jersey

The Grassroots Cannabis Forum

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Our Story

Haute Box is a tight-knit team of knowledgeable and passionate partners. We are sick of the false stereotypes & myths surrounding cannabis, and are dedicated to fighting for social justice & normalization. It's the 21st century; let's end the stigma around cannabis together.



Aside from flower, Haute Box will retail a range of other cannabis-based products both homemade (pending legislation) and from different manufacturing brands to customers. We are dedicated to providing an intimate and comprehensive retail experience. Click below to preview a hypothetical menu.


our mission

To provide access to high quality cannabis and cannabis-based products at competitive prices from a knowledgeable, empathetic, and forward-thinking staff while assisting in the integration of cannabis into a variety of lifestyles. We support the development of ethical and just drug laws.


Help Haute Box Grow

All proceeds go toward building Haute Box. Spread the word and help us grow by purchasing a shirt or two. Let's build a great community together!