Getting Lucid With Lucid Lucy Herb

by Dan Gizzi

In anticipation for our annual Grassroots Cannabis Forum, Haute Box got together with one of our exciting, new vendors Lucid Lucy Herb.


Lucid Lucy herbal blend helps with anxiety and dream recollection by using specific herbs that allow anyone to get mellow. It contains only four organic ingredients: Mullein, Mugwort, Passion Flower, and Calea Zacatechichi.

This ensures that anyone can smoke or enjoy their herbs without worry of laws or harmful nicotine/tobacco ingestion. All ingredients used are legal within all 50 states and neighboring countries. Many add these herbs to their health care routines to increase lucid dreaming as many users report vibrant and prophetic occurrence.

What follows is a brief look into the mind of Lucid Lucy founder Randy Padilla.

DAN: What does your company do?

RANDY PADILLA: Growing up I was surrounded by cigarette smokers, and I had cigarette smoker friends, parents, and even doctors. I would always think, “Why isn't there a healthier alternative to smoking? Why didn't anyone make this?” So I went and made it.

DAN: That's a very noble idea, so what sparked your interest in the CBD/cannabis industry?

RANDY: Personally, I was never interested in tobacco or nicotine products other than the occasional hookah. Cannabis won my heart in high school as I regarded it as a truly psychedelic and spiritual experience no matter how casual the use was around me. I've enjoyed cannabis until taking tolerance breaks and elongated breaks simply due to feeling it out for myself.

DAN: Indeed, tolerance breaks are essential to having a healthy relationship with cannabis. How did you come up with the name "Lucid Lucy Herb?"

RANDY: Lucid Lucy Herb, and more specifically Lucid Lucy, came from my focus on lucid dreaming properties found in the herbs I seem to have been naturally drawn too. Out of the four ingredients of the Lucid Lucy herbs, three of them are mildly psychoactive which promote vivid, and with practice, controllable dreams.

DAN: What is your background in?

RANDY: My professional background is in the medical field as I currently work in Princeton at a pediatric group. My side hobbies and love generally surround many art styles and self-disciplinary research.

DAN: That's a lot on your plate! What are the next steps for your brand?

RANDY: Lucid Lucy Herb will stay simple, but the brand itself will grow soon to have its own website and be stocked in more physical locations. Currently, Lucid Lucy is sold in person and on Etsy. Recently, collaboration with a web developer has been talked about and an online store should be expected by the end of the year (if not summer).

DAN: Where do you see the future of the industry heading?

RANDY: I only see more casualness in the foreseeable future, better education and relaxed use, less intervening by outside powers, and more direct intimacy within the community.

DAN: Sounds like a future to look forward to. What advice do you have for others trying to start a business similar to yours?

RANDY: Get involved now!