our roots

The entire founding Haute Box team grew up in Monmouth County and earned degrees from New Jersey Universities. We are very familiar with the area—the culture, food, music, and general vibe—and witnessed firsthand the re-development of the Asbury Park waterfront. We are young, enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and eager to put our influence on the area. The Haute Box team represents New Jersey. 

Social Justice

A cannabis-related arrest occurs every twenty-two minutes and African-Americans compose a disproportionate amount (three to one) of arrests. These arrests damage many citizens’ right to vote, access to federal students loans, and hamper their ability to live their lives in a normal matter. For recreational cannabis to be culturally normalized and accepted into the collective conscience as an acceptable component in a healthy lifestyle we must fully embrace education and empathy.

Our Vision

We grew up in the age of cannabis propaganda and witnessed the degradation of cannabis's public image. Our vision is to function as the preeminent cannabis dispensary of Monmouth County and be recognized as one of the best in New Jersey. We will be a forefront leader in cannabis education, products, and social action while actively promulgating positive cannabis use in a healthy lifestyle. 


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